Batting Machines / Tunnel Rentals

PowerSwing has 21 pitching machines for Baseball, slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball! Our Iron Mike baseball pitching machines throw 35-80mph.

Softball machines throw up to 60mph for fast pitch softball. No one has as many pitching machines as PowerSwing!

$1- 1 token | 16 pitches

$10- 13 tokens | 208 pitches

$20- 27 tokens | 432 pitches

Pitching Machine rental- $23 hour

(private pitching machine rentals must be reserved 24 hours in advance)

Tunnel Rentals

On field batting practice is inefficient and cost effective. Power Swing has six indoor net tunnels for teams to rent for batting or bullpen practices.

We have the lowest tunnel rental rate in San Antonio.

$ 18 / hour

$10 / 30 minutes

Call (210) 690-2249 to reserve your cage!

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